Will it fit my floor space?

One way of checking that it takes up the right amount of floorspace is to use a newspaper template, or mark out your floor with masking tape where you are going to place the item of furniture. Each item of furniture on our website gives the sizes in W x D x H in inches. ie: Corona Bedside Cabinet is W x D x H.

Small Single = W75 x L190cm
Single = W90 x L190cm
Small Double = W120 x L190cm
Double = W135 x L190cm
Kingsize = W150 x L200cm
Super Kingsize = W180 x L200cm
Queen Size = W x L

Will it fit my wall space?

Mark out the height of the item of furniture in question on a broom handle or tall stick with marker pen or masking tape to give you the indication of the height. Then mark out the length and depth using a newspaper template, or mark out your floor with masking tape.. Each item of furniture on our website gives the sizes in W x D x H in inches. ie: Corona Bedside Cabinet is W x D x H

How do I know if I will have enough space to walk between/around furniture, open doors and drawers etc.?

Mark out the item as in A1 and A2 above and check that you have enough space to walk around your furniture. Make sure you have enough at least 60cm clearance to open fully any drawers and doors comfortably without knocking into anything. Make sure that you still have room to walk past when the drawers/doors are open and that you are not knocking into anything and the item is not banging into any walls/doors etc. We would suggest that 60cm would be a comfortable clearance in front of the furniture depth

How do I know what size Dining Table to order?

With dining tables you need to make sure you have at least 60cm clearance for pulling out the chair so you can seat yourself at the table comfortably without knocking into any doors/walls/furniture etc

How deep are the drawers on a Divan Drawer Bed?

We would suggest a clearance of 80cm between bed and furniture etc. Allow enough space for the drawers on a drawer divan or storage bed. You do not want to find that you do not have enough space to open the drawers without knocking into any other furniture piece.

Are your bed sizes standard sizes?

Yes, all our Divan Beds, Pine/Metal Bed Frames as well as Mattresses are UK standard sizes.

I have a bed frame and only need to order a new Mattress! How do I know what size Mattress to order to fit my current bed frame.

The dimensions of a Divan Base and Pine/Metal Bed Frame are slightly greater than the mattress size required. But the mattress size required remains the same. The UK Standard size chart is as below

Can I keep the plastic cover on my new Mattress to keep it protected and prolong its life?

No as this will create a gathering of condensation in your mattress and between the plastic cover and create an unpleasant smell and prevent air from circulating the mattress. The mattress needs to breath and needs air to circulate around the mattress. On delivery, it is recommended that you remove the plastic cover on the new Mattress and air it for 4 hours before making the bed. This will get rid of any aromas or stale smells that have gathered during storage and transit and freshen up the mattress. It will also get rid of any moisture which will have gathered from fluctuating storage/transit temperatures.

How do I look after and get the most life out of my new Mattress?

To get the best performance from your new Mattress and maximise its life, it is recommended that the new mattress should be aired on a weekly basis, if possible, by turning back the bed covers for a few hours before making the bed. It is also recommended that an under blanket or mattress protector is used directly onto the mattress before putting on the bottom sheet to help keep the mattress clean and absorb any moisture during the nights sleep. If you have bought a Sprung Mattress, it is also advisable to turn the mattress on a regular basis as this will prevent one’s body weight from compressing the mattress, which will lead to dips and ultimately an uneven sleeping surface.

How do I know whether I need to choose a firm/medium or soft mattress?

If you have a back complaint, it is advisable to get a medium to firm or firm mattress or an ortho mattress. If you still are unsure on how to decide what type of mattress is best for you then follow these simple steps which act as a guide only. A good way to find out if the bed you are lying on is too hard, too soft or just right is by lying down on your back on the bed and place your hand in the small of your back. Try to move your hand about. If your hand moves very easily, then the bed may be too hard for you. If you struggle however to move your hand, then the bed may be too soft. If you are able to move your hand with only a little resistance in this position, and feel comfortably numb, then the bed may be just right for you.

What do I do if I have ordered the wrong mattress (ie. not giving me the correct back support)?

We can only order a replacement mattress to suit your requirements providing the original mattress has not been slept on and the plastic wrapping has not been removed. Unfortunately, due to hygiene reasons, we are unable to refund or exchange on mattresses that have been unwrapped or used. On Delivery of your new mattress it is therefore extremely important that you test out the mattress on the bed frame/divan before removing the plastic protection wrapping from the mattress.

What is Memory Foam ?

Memory foam was originally developed for the American space industry to provide increased comfort and pressure relief to astronauts. This is a remarkable new material which shapes to fit, eases pressure on the body and delivers support and comfort. When exposed to heat and weight of the body, the foam reacts by softening up and shaping itself to the outline of the body, offering optimum support and pressure relief. The body sinks into the foam until the weight is distributed evenly to the entire supporting surface.

What preventive measure can be taken against dust mites?

The Kozeesleep Mattress Protector is comfortable,made from quality pollycotton cover 100% pollyester filling which is non iron,easy to fit,and cool in the summer,warm in the winter.Vertually,it inhibits bacteria and dust mites breeding in your mattress.Quite simply,no hay fever or asthma sufferer should neglect to fit this superb anti-allergenic aid.

What is a Platform Top Base?

Platform base contains no springs and the mattress is resting on a solid platform which makes a very firm sleep system. The extent of the firmness will depend on the guage number of the spring mattress. A 12 guage spring unit will feel a great deal firmer than a 13 guage spring unit.

What is a Sprung Edge Base?

A Sprung Edge Base will soften the feel of a very firm mattress. It has the same number of springs as a bonnel mattress unit of the same size. The springs of a Sprung Edge Base are on top of the base which is like having two mattresses next to each other. This makes the sleep system quite soft at the edges; consequently, you should avoid sitting on the edge of a Sprung Edge Base.

What is a Firm Edge Base?

A Firm Edge Base consists of heavy guage springs inside the base frame which are fastened to wooden lats and then cross-webbed to tightly hold the springs in place. These cross-webbed springs are usually just above the top of the frame so when the mattress is put on the base and body weight is applied the springs give slightly and the mattress rests on the edge of the frames supported by the firm spring unit under the mattress. This makes a comfortable sleep system that is a little firmer than a sprung edge system.
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